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Logon2Tech is a hub for all Tech Geeks, all the Nerds or in short for all those who loves Technology. It provides users with all the information that relates it to Technology which consist of Introduction Guides, How-to Guides, About Latest Technologies, Tech Updates, and many related stuff.

Behind Logon2Tech

I am Nishant Nichanian engineering student, from a small city of Gujarat – Bharuch, which is famous for Peanuts. I have Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Pune. I have loads of interest in Technology since I was in my 10th grade. Since then I started dealing with different technology related stuff. Later on, I developed interest in Website Development. I created my first blog in 2011 when I was in 10th grade. Apart from Website Development, I also developed interest in Hacking and practiced it for the next two years. Because of which I was listed in Microsoft’s Security Researchers Acknowledgment Page for finding vulnerability in one of their Web Application. And also I found vulnerability in Yahoo Mail and many such vulnerabilities in small websites. Later in 2014, I found eCommerce interesting. So registered on eBay as a seller when I was just 18 without any Graduation Degree. From selling on eBay, I earned a few thousand bucks in just 1.5 months. Actually, I didn’t work for all days in those months. I just worked for 24-30 hours in that period of 1.5 months. This was great for a school going kid. In fact awesome! Then I had to leave that behind and begin my College Life. Then just after a week or two of my college, I started working on Reviews & Offers blog - www.reviewoffers.in which was live on 28th August 2014. And later on, I worked on many Niche websites with topics other then Tech. Finally, I started working on my new Tech-based Website – auxive.

And the journey goes on...

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