How to Fix Mobile Data/Wifi Connectivity, Camera & Messaging Bugs in Cynogen Mod 12 for Samsung Galaxy S3 9300I: Android Lollipop Update

Fix for Mobile Data/Wifi Connectivity, Camera & Messaging Bugs in Cynogen Mod 12

Android Lollipop is the latest version of the Google's Android OS for smart phones, tablets & TVs. But still the official update for Lollipop for many devices is still waiting. One of such device is Samsung Galaxy S3. But people are not ready to wait for the official update, instead want to download it from the web and start using it by installing it manually. Even there are different ways of using Android Lollipop for Android devices - Rooting your phones and installing a MOD. One such MOD is Cynogen Mod.

Cynogen Mod has released Lollipop-based version - Cynogen Mod 12 (CM-12). But with its release, it contains a hand few of small bugs in it.

Here are few of them -

1. Connectivity Issues
Many people who have tried rooting their devices and Installing CM-12 have faced this issue. In this issue, one is not able to connect to 'Mobile Data' but might be able to connect to ‘Wifi’. Or in other cases, one might face problem connecting to ‘Wifi’ but can connect to ‘Mobile Data’. Even if one is able to connect to ‘Mobile Data’, data is not received.

Fix –
Well there is no fix for this issue. But soon there will be stable version of Cynogen Mod 12 release for Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. Camera Issue
After installing this MOD, the default Camera doesn't function properly. Many users have reported that the Camera crashes often.

Fix -
First of all, you need to Disable the default Camera. Then you can download a third-party Camera application from Google Play Store like ‘Google Camera’. And it will work fine.

3. Messaging Issue
Messaging application that comes by default doesn't work after the installation. The application crashes and hangs up the device.

Fix -
Disable the default messaging application and install a third-party messaging is the best alternative to this type of issue as of now. You can use – Google Messenger.

4. Launcher Issue
The default launcher that comes with this MOD crashes down.

Fix –
Disable the default Launcher and try installing ‘Google Now Launcher’.

Well, by seeing several issues in Cm-12, Cynogen have announced that soon a stable version with all this issues fixed will be released for the Samsung Galaxy S3 late by March end.

Did you face any other problem than the above listed?
Drop it in comments. We’ll try to help you fix it.
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