CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer

CHIP – a computer at a price of a Memory Card

CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer

Computers play a vital role in today’s hectic life. They make one’s job a lot easier; no matter which place and at what time. But carrying two to three big units where ever you go is a bad idea which leads to the invention of laptops.

Hold on. What if you just need to carry a thing even smaller than your credit card? Which does all the work that your computer or a laptop is capable of doing?

Yeah! This thing is what we call – CHIP.

CHIP is a pocket chip sized computer that does all your home computers does. The campaign was backed up by 39,560 backers on kickstarter and was able to raise $2,071,927 to bring this project to life. A few computer geeks of Oakland, CA developed this tiny computer which is set to sell at a price of $9. Yeah, you heard me correct.

Specifications of CHIP – 

*. 1.0 GHz processor
*. 4GB Onboard storage
*. 512MB DDR3 Ram
*. Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
*. Power: 3.7v LiPo battery

                                   CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer
CHIP supports a variety of hardware that includes wireless keyboard/mouse, monitors, televisions, etc. Using CHIP you can work in LibreOffice and save your work on CHIP’s onboard storage. Play games connecting your gaming controllers using Bluetooth. It comes with thousands of applications preinstalled so that you can just connect and you’re ready to go.

                                      CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer

Features of CHIP – 

*. CHIP supports open source operating system with a graphical interface for an easy navigation.
*. It works great with any screen using its built-in output or a VGA/HDMI adapter.

                                       CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer

*. Its Chromium Browser allows you to surf the web or check your emails, watch videos and lots more.
*. Scratch – an easy way to learn the basics of programming by making stories, games, and animations.

                                       CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer

*. Connecting your controllers via Bluetooth is what many gamers need. CHIP helps you play almost all games and you can now also play your DOS games on CHIP.
*. Connect a MIDI keyboard or use it as your music player and hear your favourite music at full volumes.

                                      CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer

This is not it. CHIP is a portable device and you can use it on the go as well. Just by using Pocket CHIP. Now what’s Pocket CHIP?
                                    CHIP - World's Cheapest Computer
Pocket CHIP gives CHIP portability with its 4.3” touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and 5 long hour’s battery life all in a case so as to fit in your pockets.

SPECS of Pocket CHIP - 

*. 3000mAH battery
*. 470px x 272px screen with resistive touch
*. Rugged Injection Molded Shell
*. Fully Open Source
*. GPIO breakouts
*. CHIP is removable via hatch

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