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What is Blogging?

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Maintaining a diary was a thing many of you were advocated by parents or teacher. It served two purposes – improves language skills and handwriting. The good part was that it keeps a record of one’s daily activity – that was interesting to read in later years. But nowadays, children don’t actually follow this trend of maintaining a personal diary. Still many do.

So what if there might be a way similar to writing your personal view, not on a sheet of paper instead on the web. Yeah, that is possible. All you need is a ‘Blog’.

What is a Blog?
Blog or web log is an online variant of one’s personal diary. Personal diaries are private but blogs are public. Anyone around the globe can have permission to what you have shared. People read your writing and even can comment to it. Writing a blog is known as ‘Blogging’ and the person is known as ‘Blogger’.

Why to Blog?
People blog for many reasons – some use it to share their living, some use it to share their knowledge while some use it truly as an online diary. Even I use blog to share what I know. I love share my knowledge with people who share similar interest and even to know more what they know. Some use blog to share a message related to a topic.

Types of Blogs – 

Photo Blogs : A blog that consist of hundreds of pictures 
Video Blogs : A Vlog is a blog with a lot of videos with different categories. 
Event Blogging : Writing a blog when a event occurs. For example, Diwali is coming near so someone can blog about Diwali for that period and when Christmas comes he/she starts blogging about Christmas. Even I am a Event blogger. 
Moblogging : A new trend of blogging from mobile phones.

Well, now you have basic knowledge about Blogging and you might be thinking – Now how to start Blogging? No worries.

To start Blogging, you need to create a Blog first. And for that you need a platform – Wordpress or Blogger. These are the two very used Blogging platforms in this community.

Blogger – a Google product.

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Blogger is a free to use blogging platform by Google. According to me, it is best for beginners. I started my first blog on Blogger and later switched to Wordpress. It is very simple to use and user-friendly. It supports almost all features that a beginner or even an expert blogger needs. But still it lacks in some features, that’s not a problem.

Wordpress – Open Source CMS

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Wordpress is another popular blogging platform used by many bloggers. It is an Open Source product. It is more advanced than Blogger. But even is a bit simple to use, if you’re a newbie blogger. It supports all the features a blogger needs and also a lot more that even Blogger doesn’t.

So what you’re waiting for? Select a platform and start Blogging.

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