How to Fix Jetpack Connection Error XML_RPC-32700 in WordPress

Fixing Jetpack Connection Error XML_RPC-32700

Well, if you’re reading this post then I suppose you’re are a new blogger and have just started using Wordpress. As and when you were installing a plugin named - Jetpack, it ended up showing you a connection error – XML_RPC - 32700.

 Jetpack Connection Error XML_RPC-32700

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a single plugin that gives you the most powerful features, hooking your self-hosted WordPress site to's infrastructure to take advantage of robust stats, easy social sharing, and a whole lot more.

Steps to Fix Jetpack Connection Error XML_RPC-32700

Not taking much of your time, I’ll show you how you can get rid of the jetpack connection error xml_rpc-32700 and finally start using this awesome plugin.

Follow the steps to fix XML_RPC-32700 :
  1. Login to your website’s cPanel.
  2. In Files section, click on ‘File manager’ and then open ‘wp-includes’ folder.
  3. Search for a file named ‘load.php’ in wp-includes folder.
  4. Right click on it and select ‘Edit’ option.
  5. Then press ‘Ctrl+f’ to open Search box.
  6. In the Search box, enter this – XMLRPC_REQUEST and hit Enter.
    You should see something like this –

    if ( defined( ‘XMLRPC_REQUEST’ ) )
ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );
  7.  Now this piece of code should be placed in Comments, replace the above code with this –

if ( defined( ‘XMLRPC_REQUEST’ ) )
ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );
  8. Save changes.
  9. Go to Dashboard (wordpress). And click on ‘Connect to’.

    Fix Jetpack Connection Error XML_RPC-32700
You’re done!

If you face or have any query in fixing this error, share it in comments below. I’ll help you solve it asap.
Thanks for reading.
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